umi NOM
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filipino favorites
pork belly adobo pork belly braised in soy, vinegar & garlic then grilled
umi nom crispy wings deep fried wings tossed in sweet patis & long peppers
ma-banh's beef tapa fried, thinly sliced dried beef, smoked chili sauce
balut boiled incubated duck egg
sisig tacos pig's ear & snout, pickled red onions, smoked spicy salsa
small plates
house pickles chef's selection of assorted fall vegetables
shitake mushrooms soy mirin glaze
sautéed tofu fermented black beans, thai chilis & basil
asian market greens sautéed greens & garlic
pan roasted salmon coconut basil green curry
wok prawns chili glazed
roasted manila clams spicy black bean sauce
crispy calamari sweet & sour sauce
fish & chips panko crusted tilapia, wasabi tobiko aioli, fries
grilled mackerel toasted rice, cherry tomato, jicama, garlic-chili lime dressing
thai beef salad green papaya, long beans, cherry tomatoes, peanuts
sautéed sweet sausage thai chili-lime sauce
grilled marinated pork chops nam pla, palm sugar, lemongrass & garlic
spring rolls ground pork, shrimp & glass noodles, sweet chili dipping sauce
pad krapow ground beef stir fried with basil, long beans, zucchini & thai chilis (add a fried egg)
grilled skirt steak roasted tomato & onion marmalade
bbq ribs garlic, ginger, lemongrass, oyster sauce marinade
dai bao sliders ground beef, pork sausage & house pickles
noodles & rice
chicken pad see ew broad flat rice noodles, soy, garlic
shrimp pad thai rice noodles, tamarind, fish sauce, peanuts
pancit canton sausage, chicken, egg noodles, soy, fish sauce
garden vegetable fried rice stir fried rice, soy, garlic
chicken fried rice stir fried rice, egg, soy, garlic
bahay kubo fried rice chicken, sausage and shrimp stir fried rice, egg, soy, garlic
sticky rice
coconut rice
long grain rice
garlic rice
chili sauces
thai chili lime sauce
smoked chili sauce
roasted tomato jalapeno sauce
warm thai chili chocolate cake
assorted fall fruit, vanilla-ginger syrup
ice cream & sorbet
mango nectar
lychee juice
kalamansi juice
guava juice
buko young coconut
coke or diet coke
water still or sparkling
a gratuity of 18% will be added to groups of six or more *$2.50 cake cutting/plating fee per person